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How Do I Get to Belize?

How Do I Get to Belize?

If you plan to travel to Belize, remember to bring along your passport. Citizens of the U.S., Canada, and Europe do not require visas.

Direct flights from major US airports are offered directly to Belize City’s Philip Goldson International Airport (BZE). Maya Island Air and Tropic Air provide daily transport between BZE and popular Belize destinations like San Ignacio, Orange Walk, Dangriga, and Placencia from this same hub airport.

A Guide to Getting There

Belize may be small in size but boasts an eclectic culture combining elements of Mestizo, Mayan, and Creole heritage – as evidenced in its cuisine featuring Caribbean flavors mixed with Latin American influences.

To experience all that Belize has to offer, plan to spend at least one or more weeks here. Although traveling here is simple, deciding how you will navigate once here can be daunting; visitors have numerous transportation options available from budget buses and private cars all the way up to chartered tour buses or boats!

Air travel is the safest and most efficient means of reaching Belize, with most flights landing at Philip Goldson International Airport in Belize City (airport code BZE). Direct flights operate throughout the year from major US hub cities like Miami, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale Houston Chicago Los Angeles as well as seasonal nonstops from Toronto and Calgary on Air Canada and West Jet.

Belize City can be reached with numerous airlines that operate flights to Belize City; their fares tend to be significantly cheaper compared to Mexico or Central America. Travellers coming from Europe typically need a connecting flight in either America or Mexico for travel from London Heathrow; American Airlines now offers direct services between London Heathrow and Belize City with just one night stopover in Miami.

Local Tips for Bus Travel: Bus travel in Belize offers the opportunity to experience its casual yet informal culture, from designated terminals and on the street, buses running regularly to major centers and destinations; alternatively if traveling further afield like remote villages ask locals or resort staff about available schedules or routes for information on where they stop.

Make sure that you carry or have access to a map of Belize when traveling around, or ensure your hotel offers one, as the roads and buildings may not always be clearly marked. Most people in Belize are extremely welcoming and will happily point in the right direction should you find yourself lost; licensed taxis with green license plates are another convenient form of transport.

How to Reach Beautiful Belize

Belize is easily accessible, offering daily flights from major airports in the US, Mexico, and Central America.

Phillip Goldson International Airport (BZE), situated in Belize City, serves as the primary entryway into Belize for visitors. As the only international airport serving Belize City and beyond, BZE regularly receives flights from New York, Miami, and Houston, plus Washington DC; additionally, flights can arrive directly from Europe, Australia, or Africa via connection in either Mexico.

Travelers planning a visit to Belize should aim to book flights with as few connecting stops as possible in order to avoid missing their plane in case of delays, which would force them to wait around and find another. Also, try not to schedule connections that take less than two hours between arrival and departure as these may lead to your connecting flight being delayed and necessitate rebooking fees being assessed against it.

Car rental can be an ideal way to navigate Belize’s mainland, giving you freedom and flexibility in your exploration. Cars provide more freedom when visiting hidden gems without being dependent on overcrowded buses. But be wary; many roads here are unpaved making driving hazardous.

For island adventures, ferry or water taxi services provide an economical and stress-free option to Ambergris Caye and nearby islands. Water taxis also make getting to Caracol’s amazing snorkeling spots more accessible.

Belize offers many land and sea tours that will introduce you to its natural beauty and Mayan history, from waterfalls, crocodiles, caves, and sandy beaches on its coast to its many marine reserves. Furthermore, over 450 cayes scattered across its terrain provide both bustling centers of tourism as well as quiet preserves – making traveling here simple but planning your itinerary can be tricky!

Unlocking Belize: Best Travel Routes

Traveling to Belize by air is the quickest and easiest way. Flights depart major US cities for Phillip Goldson International Airport (BZE) in Belize City or PGIA.

Once there, it’s easy to explore Belize – and all its diverse attractions. Belize City serves as the starting point for only paved highways in northern, western, and southern Belize that travel past wide-leafed jungle, pine-clad hillsides, Caribbean beaches, and cayes that stretch across its second-largest barrier reef system.

At home in Belize, there is an array of domestic airlines providing access to its mainland destinations like Corozal, Orange Walk, San Pedro Town, Dangriga, and Placencia. Both Tropic Air and Maya Island Air provide flights that significantly shorten travel time by cutting the distance between locations.

Renting a car in Belize is also a popular choice among visitors, thanks to English being the official language and making asking directions relatively easy if lost. A rental gives visitors freedom of exploration when visiting remote attractions or stopping for snacks at Rio On Pools on the Hummingbird Highway; or visiting Ms. Bertha’s Tamales in Caye Caulker for some sweet, spicy Belizean fare.

If you prefer taking it easy, local commuter buses offer an inexpensive and exciting way to experience Belize’s laidback culture. Their brightly painted buses harken back to 1950s America; making them an excellent option for visitors with tight schedules who don’t wish to worry about driving or finding bus stops. Water taxis provide another efficient means of exploring Belize. Daily trips depart from Belize City’s port, with two companies providing transportation to San Pedro and Caye Caulker. If seasickness is a concern, try to grab one of the back seats where locals may sit; water taxis tend to get quite crowded so plan accordingly!

Journey to This Enchanting Country

Belize can be reached in various ways, with flying being one of the easiest options. Domestic airlines such as Maya Island Air and Tropic Air offer daily direct flights between Ladyville and Belize City airports with United, Delta and American Airlines providing connections in the U.S. and Central America with direct services available daily from major cities like New York, Miami, and Atlanta to Belize City.

From December to April, travel fares typically increase dramatically due to an influx of Belize visitors as well as locals traveling between their favorite spots.

Once in Belize City, traveling around is made simple via bus from either its downtown terminals or those outside town – depending on your destination it could take as little as three to four hours!

Alongside buses, there are both private and public water taxis operating out of Ladyville International Airport that transport visitors directly to Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker islands – making this mode of transport ideal for visitors wishing to see multiple islands without renting a car or using tour company services.

Driving in Belize may not be for the faint-hearted, but it does give an authentic glimpse of its culture. Most paved roads in good condition and stunning scenery await your adventure, giving you more flexibility than ever to stop at roadside fruit stands or Ms. Bertha’s Tamales along the Hummingbird Highway.

Whenever driving to Belize City from the U.S., be aware of fuel costs being three times what they would be in the States. Most major companies operate rental agencies there. When hiring a cab at the airport, wear your Slickrock t-shirt so fellow passengers recognize you and share the fare with you easily.