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Harvest Caye Belize

Harvest Caye Belize – A Tropical Paradise for Adventure

Harvest Caye Belize offers an immersive glimpse into Belizean culture, from pristine beaches to locally produced chocolates and spirits – you’ll find it all here. At the heart of every resort-style pool is its magnificent swimming pool – offering endless bends and turns, a swim-up bar, a beachy shallow area, and a swim-up bar to help visitors unwind and soak up some sun.

Harvest Caye Belize: Adventure & Relaxation

Harvest Caye is a recent addition to Norwegian Cruise Line’s private cruise ports and provides the ideal mix of relaxation and adventure, situated off Belize’s coast. Boasting lush landscapes, natural wildlife, and access to one of the second-largest barrier reefs on earth – guests can explore this tropical oasis through any number of NCL shore excursions that offer unique ways to experience Harvest Caye.

Just off Belize’s southern coast lies this stunning new cruise port destination featuring its only cruise ship pier and one of the most picturesque private islands in the region – LandShark Bar & Grill is among those amenities designed to give cruise travelers an authentic Belizean experience, along with resort-style amenities including its seven-acre white sand beach, 15,000-square foot pool with swim up bar and multiple dining choices including LandShark Bar & Grill.

Visitors to this tropical paradise can relax on its beaches. There’s plenty of space to spread out on its expansive beach area without feeling overcrowded, while for those wanting more privacy, there are private beach cabanas featuring lounge chairs, couches, AC units, mini-refrigerators, showers and personal concierge service – ideal for relaxing!

The island also provides numerous water activities, such as kayaking and snorkeling, among others. With an abundance of marine life found around its reefs, visitors can explore this fascinating underwater world on a snorkeling excursion. Kayaking through mangrove forests is another popular excursion option that allows passengers to see Belize from an entirely new angle as they navigate their way through this diverse ecosystem.

NCL has collaborated with local residents to open and employ a significant portion of Belizean residents in various businesses on its island destination, helping boost the local economy while giving guests an authentic Belizean experience. In addition, NCL runs various educational programs and conservation initiatives overseen by award-winning author and wildlife expert Tony Garel who serves as Chief Naturalist on its island destination.

Unveiling Harvest Caye: Adventure Awaits

Harvest Caye Belize stands apart from other cruise line private islands by being owned and run by local people, giving guests an exclusive experience shopping, eating, and exploring this tropical paradise. When guests first step foot onto Harvest Caye Belize they will immediately notice a large market area filled with Belizean businesses selling everything from handcrafted gifts to locally made chocolates; souvenir t-shirts or exotic rum will all be on offer here too!

Harvest Caye draws visitors for more than just its expansive 15,000-square-foot pool or a beautiful beach. There is also plenty to do, like the Wildlife Experience on the island that allows guests to interact closely with boa constrictors, scarlet macaws and toucans – providing visitors with an educational lesson on these species’ significance to Belize and the Caribbean region.

Wildlife Sanctuary of the island showcases some of the beautiful flora and fauna found here, such as butterfly gardens, aviaries and an exhibit for some of its more exotic animals. A fun educational experience suitable for all ages while providing shade during hot parts of the day!

If you’re seeking more adventure, why not join a guided excursion on the island? From zip-lining and visiting Mayan ruins to river tubing through lush rainforests – there’s sure to be something exciting and unexpected just waiting for you.

While all the ports on your cruise itinerary may be wonderful, adding Harvest Caye will ensure an experience you won’t forget! You won’t be disappointed!

Harvest Caye: Tropical Paradise for Relaxation

Harvest Caye Belize, a breathtaking private island exclusive to Norwegian Cruise Line’s Western Caribbean itineraries, promises an immersive tropical oasis experience with a pool area featuring a swim-up bar, restaurants, a 7-acre white sand beach, and numerous exciting shore excursions.

Harvest Caye (pronounced “key”), NCL’s latest port of call located just one mile offshore from Placencia in southern Belize, offers you an opportunity to immerse yourself in its beauty, culture and adventure. From lush biodiverse surroundings and exotic wildlife to the world’s second-largest barrier reef; Harvest Caye offers something special for everyone in its 75-acre tropical paradise setting.

Harvest Caye offers an intimate tour of Belizean culture. Here you’ll discover Garifuna folklore at local artisans’ villages, listen to traditional Mayan bands perform live, and sample authentic cuisine – not to mention plenty of opportunities for recreation and relaxation on this enchanting island! Plus it provides plenty of ways to escape reality!

Harvest Caye’s centerpiece of luxury is its 15,000 square-foot pool, an idyllic and tranquil oasis featuring a cascading waterfall and 15 luxurious canopy cabanas available for rental – ideal spots to take in its breathtaking beauty from lounge chairs or one of these private cabanas situated right in the water that offer luxurious features such as lounge chairs, privacy drapes, concierge food and beverage service, plus refrigerator storage space!

On this island’s seven-acre beach you will find plenty of activities for visitors of all ages to do and see, including playing soccer or volleyball or simply basking in the sun. Amenities for guests to use at the beach include lounge chairs, umbrellas, and clamshells; water is calm enough for swimming or snorkeling and cabana rentals are also available for rent for an added touch of luxury.

Harvest Caye Marine Reserve, accessible by kayak, paddleboard, and boat, offers breathtaking marine life up-close and personal. For an extra thrilling adventure, you can join a Dolphin & Lagoon Tour to learn even more about this magnificent natural wonder — with even an opportunity to swim with dolphins!

Adventure & Relaxation at Harvest Caye Belize

This 75-acre private oasis not only provides stunning beach and pool locations, but it’s also home to an abundance of fun activities.

The centerpiece of this destination is its incredible zip-line course that spans across the island. Begin at the stately lighthouse and soar 100 feet up for an aerial view of the port, pool, coral reefs, and Mayan mountains in the distance – or strike a Superman pose or sit upright as you enjoy this breathtaking ride over the resort and port area!

On this lush island, guests can indulge in various outdoor activities from kayaking to paddleboarding. The waters surrounding the island teem with marine life, giving guests the chance to encounter colorful fish and sea critters while paddling on either kayak or paddleboard. Or enjoy exploring rainforest trails on an organized nature walk or visit local artisans who teach traditional Garifuna and Mayan customs – perfect ways to immerse themselves into Belizean culture!

Harvest Caye Belize provides the ideal setting to unwind. Offering an exquisite 15,000 square foot pool with a tranquil waterfall, elegant lounge chairs, and 15 canopy pool cabanas to rent complete with luxury furniture, privacy drapes, and beverage service – not forgetting its beachside cocktail and snack bar and Landshark Restaurant which features Caribbean music!

No trip to Harvest Caye would be complete without visiting its shopping hub, where you can find everything from Belize cocoa beans and handmade soaps to Moho chocolates, exotic rums, and much more. Don’t miss the small “Wildlife Experience,” where you’ll meet scarlet macaws, toucans, and boa constrictors! You won’t regret visiting!