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Hopkins Belize Water Activities

Water Activities and Sports in Hopkins Belize

Hopkins Belize offers year-round sun, warm waters and reliable trade winds – creating the ideal conditions for water sports activities such as kayaking and paddle boarding that are accessible for people of all ages and skill levels.

Hopkins is an idyllic Garifuna village on the Caribbean coast that serves as an eco-cultural hotspot. Offering stunning beaches and intimate vacation experiences, Hopkins features an UNESCO-listed barrier reef as well as top jungle attractions like Mayflower Bocawina National Park and Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary nearby.


Hopkins is a charming coastal village known for its traditional Garifuna culture that has recently become increasingly popular as a base for Belize tours and southern jungle adventures. Situated nearby many hiking trails and rainforest preserves, Hopkins also boasts world-class snorkeling sites and sandy beaches that attract travelers looking for adventure.

Hopkins offers easy access to the UNESCO-listed Belize Barrier Reef, making day trips an effortless journey through an underwater world of coral gardens and vibrant marine life. Snorkeling tours often include visits to Thatch Caye or nearby Cayes/reef locations where snorkeling may also take place.

If you’re new to snorkeling, taking a guided tour with a professional guide could be beneficial in learning all the essentials and safety precautions – as well as showing you all of Hopkins’ most beautiful snorkel spots!

Snorkeling tours are available at all resorts in the area, but Hopkins Bay Resort stands out by providing unmatched expertise when it comes to creating the ideal snorkeling experience for their guests – from organizing a private tour for you and your group, through to making arrangements for group tours for groups of friends or family members.

Hopkins Village is an ideal spot for experiencing Garifuna culture, and many hotels host cultural events like drumming sessions. Travelers can also attend the annual Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations that offer food, music and reenactments of Garifuna arrival to Belize.

Hopkins is best visited from January to March when its weather is warm and sunny, when more people visit. While you might experience greater crowding during these months, it’s still worthwhile exploring its stunning landscapes and fascinating history. But no matter the time of year or occasion, Hopkins offers tropical beauty with relaxing vibes that await discovery!

Scuba Diving

Hopkins offers quick boat access to the southern Belize Barrier Reef, making snorkeling and diving an exceptional underwater ecosystem for diving enthusiasts and beginners alike. Local snorkel guides offer tours tailored specifically for each skill level.

Coastal Hopkins is also a Garifuna village, meaning you’ll experience first-hand their culture and lifestyle during your visit. Garifuna is an African-derived culture infused into Belizean music, food and language – take a walk along five-mile beach to witness locals playing dominoes or reading beneath palm trees; join in on drumming lessons or cooking lessons and sample traditional dishes such as fish in coconut stew (hudut).

If you want to explore inland Belize, there’s an array of world-class hiking and jungle expeditions available. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is home to one of the first jaguar preserves worldwide and one of Belize’s top national parks – ideal for nature trails, medicinal plant knowledge and swimming beneath waterfalls! Additionally, day trips can also be taken to visit ancient Mayan ruin sites like Xunantunich (also called an archaic Mayan ruin site).

For those looking to indulge, local sweets and treats should not be missed. Wangla candy made with sugar and sesame seeds is delicious while Creole bread boasts soft texture with coconut milk sweetness – both options perfect for making you feel full! Seafood is another tasty option and many Hopkins resorts feature restaurants serving fresh grilled seafood dishes alongside other tasty delicacies.


Hopkins Belize boasts calm and shallow Caribbean waters that make for ideal sea kayaking, making this activity suitable for families with young children. Kayak out to nearby Cayes for snorkeling or diving from a safe distance! This activity makes a wonderful family activity!

As part of your Hopkins Belize vacation, be sure to visit one of the local seafood restaurants. From high-end dining experiences like Love on the Rocks to family-owned establishments such as Ella’s Cool Spot, you can indulge in delicacies such as lobster and conch. Hopkins Belize restaurants also provide excellent lunch options!

Hopkins Village Beach and Esplanade provide a relaxing place for visitors who prefer staying on land to stroll along. This charming coastal village is only minutes away from many inland attractions and national parks – Cayo District’s Maya Ruins Park provides world-class hiking, vistas, waterfall swims and more!

Hopkins offers plenty to see and do nearby, such as Anderson Lagoon or Sitte Point; both offer great opportunities for wildlife watching. Furthermore, those interested in learning about Garifuna culture can sign up at Lebeha Drum School’s drumming lessons to discover local traditions first-hand.

Families looking to spend quality time on the water should stay at a Hopkins resort that includes water activities. Viva Belize Hotel Group provides several outstanding options in this region, such as Jaguar Reef Lodge and Almond Beach Resort, that provide standard sea-side rooms as well as luxury villa suites with private verandas, kitchenettes, children’s clubs and activities to give parents peace of mind that their kids are being taken care of and having fun!

Paddle Boarding

Hopkins is an unspoiled Garifuna village located along the coastline that provides the ideal combination of beach bliss and island culture. Enjoy strolling its five-mile-long stretch of dotted coconut palm beach before visiting one of Hopkins’ homes or restaurants to witness local life first hand and sample traditional Garifuna fish stew called Hudut as well as bundiga (fried plantains with bananas cooked in thick coconut sauce).

Hopkins is at its finest from January through March during Belize’s dry season, when temperatures are ideal and waters calm enough for sailing. Plus, these months offer more competitive room and tour rates as well as prices.

Stand up paddle boarding (SUPB) is an aquatic sport activity where participants stand on a board and use paddles to propel themselves through the water with paddles. Similar to surfing and kayaking, but more accessible for novice swimmers due to not requiring skills like paddling skills, SUPB requires little more than standing still on a board and centering yourself before moving your arms forward for movement. To get started with stand up paddle boarding it only takes minutes from standing up on it to your first move forward with it – it’s that simple!

For an extra challenge, you could consider investing in a racing paddle board that is specifically designed to increase speed when paddling and make it more exciting. To increase efficiency, focus on using core muscles as you paddle to keep yourself balanced, switching sides regularly.

Stand up paddle boarding can provide an adrenaline rush while being low impact. With some practice and safety precautions taken into account, soon you’ll be speeding across the water with your new hobby in tow! Just be sure to wear a PFD and leash for safety purposes!


Hopkins is Belize’s top cultural destination and a Garifuna fishing village on five miles of beach, making it the ideal place for you to discover vibrant homes and eateries surrounded by coconut palms. While exploring Hopkins, stroll ashore to uncover its vibrant homes and eateries framed by coconut palms. Sample traditional Garifuna dishes like Hudut (fish in coconut stew with mashed plantains) at Innie’s Restaurant or try Bundiga (fried grated banana and plantains cooked with coconut milk and other seasonings) during your stay!

Hopkins offers numerous snorkeling and diving adventures near the UNESCO-listed Barrier Reef, from exploring colorful coral gardens like Saddle Reef’s to swimming among tropical fish in marine reserves home to sea turtles. Whale sharks can often be spotted from March until June; for an alternative viewing experience visit Glovers Reef Atoll three hours away by boat tour – see whale sharks for yourself there too!

Hopkins should be visited during its dry season from January through March when sunny skies and calm sea waters are at their most vibrant. On November 19, Hopkins celebrates Garifuna Settlement Day by staging a sunrise reenactment of when Garifuna people traveled from Africa to the Caribbean.

Hopkins offers an easy ride to Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, widely renowned as the world’s first jaguar preserve. Walk trails to learn more about medicinal plants while birdwatching or swimming under waterfalls.

Hopkins tours typically visit a nearby marine reserve, but other natural attractions of Hopkins should also be explored. Anderson Lagoon and Sittee River offer chances to connect with nature while strolling along stunning beaches or kayaking expeditions can explore the country’s inland waterways.