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How to Donate to Disaster Relief in Belize

At times of disasters, the United States Government will donate support through financial contributions and donations of resources directly to local governments and communities in Belize affected by disasters.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is an established charity providing disaster relief both domestically and abroad, yet some individuals remain wary about donating due to concerns regarding how this charity utilizes funds. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before giving to the Red Cross:

The Red Cross is a humanitarian organization run entirely by volunteers, with its primary purpose to assist victims of disaster while helping people prepare for and respond to emergencies. Their work is guided by its Congressional Charter and Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross Movement; all services are provided free of charge to anyone who requires help irrespective of race, religion, or citizenship status.

Red Cross shelters open during natural disasters to provide safe haven and hot meals to those affected, along with emotional support and resources for those in need. Furthermore, these efforts include conducting community risk reduction activities and building resilience within communities.

As Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts continue, many are making donations to charities to aid those most in need. One such charity is the Red Cross; with its vast infrastructure it enables it to quickly respond and maintain services after disaster strikes; its network of experts brings lessons learned from prior disasters into current crises.

OAK Foundation and Parker Family made this generous donation with assistance from APAMO; Kevin Castillo from Belize Red Cross delivered it directly to NEMO for distribution among those impacted by Hurricane Dean. This contribution will go directly towards helping families affected by its passage.

AAdvantage members can donate to the Red Cross through AAdvantage’s website and will earn 10 bonus miles for every dollar donated. The Red Cross is an invaluable charity that strives to offer hope and assistance during times of distress or disaster.


UNICEF may be one of the first charities that come to mind when thinking of worthy organizations, yet its familiar name doesn’t necessarily translate to widespread impact. Before making your donation, it is vital to understand its core purpose.

UNICEF donated ventilators, a mobile field hospital, equipment, and supplies valued at USD 3.5 million to the Belize Fire Department and Ministry of Health & Wellness in 2022. In addition, supplies, furniture, appliances, and generators were given out as aid following Hurricane Lisa.

UNICEF relies on donations to finance its international efforts, with its financials easily viewable online for anyone to see. They have signed the International Aid Transparency Initiative which mandates free access to their annual reports and regional reports.

Donating to UNICEF can be done in several ways, from one-off donations and monthly pledge plans to sending gifts directly to children in need – such as school supplies, soccer balls or handcrafted items. Your donation will make a real difference for children all around the globe!

The United States Fund for UNICEF is a 501(c)(3) public charity and all contributions are tax-deductible. Charity Navigator has awarded them their top rating for transparency and accountability, and they’ve joined BBB Wise Giving Alliance.

UNICEF’s headquarters is in New York City. Its executive board – composed of 36 government representatives – oversees and approves policies, programs, administrative plans and budgets of UNICEF country offices around the world as well as creating programs of cooperation between UNICEF and host governments.

UNICEF needs our support! Donate money or volunteer your time. For volunteering opportunities near you please reach out to your nearest UNICEF office.

Under federal law, soliciting money for UNICEF through Western Union is illegal. If someone contacts you requesting funds in your name without your authorization or uses your name for fraudulence purposes, do not respond and report this person immediately to local authorities.


NEMO (National Emergency Management Organization) is the local disaster response organization and can be reached in Bisee to donate items. Before doing so, however, be sure to review what needs are available – there should be an online list describing these needs – and make sure that any trash or food isn’t sent over. Clothing donations should also be in good condition and not worn or torn.

Due to an error during production that caused incorrect labels on products, NEMO donated 1,600 sleeping bags to Big City Mountaineers and their partners.