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Is the Water safe to Drink in Belize?

Whether the water in Belize is safe is an issue that can be split into two parts. Firstly, you’re probably wondering if the water in Hopkins is safe to drink. And secondly, you may want to know how safe the ocean is for swimming and watersports.

Keep reading and we’ll answer both questions for you here.

Can you drink tap water in Belize?

‘Can I drink the tap water?’ is one of the most frequently asked questions when people travel and the answer in Belize is…it depends. The safest option is to drink bottled water only, but we’ll break it down for you here. we would recommend that always drink bottled water. It does not matter that you are visiting Belize or any other place. The safest option is to take always bottled water with you. There many more option to follow for the safest way of drinking water. We will explain more in the below paragraphs. Just stay with us for more details. 

Tap water in major cities

If you’re staying somewhere urban, like Belize City, then the tap water will have been treated and so should be safe to drink. However, many visitors choose not to drink it anyway, either because of safety concerns, or because they don’t like the taste of the chlorine it’s treated with. As we mentioned above that drinking water from the tap is fine here in Belize. But many people prepare to drink bottle water. Because that is the safest way to drink water. Here safety comes first. In some areas most of the people do not drink water just because of the taste. The taste of water is usually different from one area comparing to another area. There are many reason that the taste of water differs. The taste of water in Belize is not suitable for the most of visitors. They fill their bottles with hotel water or they mostly buy a bottle of water and keep it when it gets empty they refill it accepted source of water in Belize.

Tap water in towns and villages

When it comes to Belize’s smaller destinations, the water supply sometimes comes from untreated sources like wells, or tanks that collect rainwater, in which case you shouldn’t drink it and bottled water should be your go-to option. Drinking rainwater which is collected through tanks or any other source is not the safe way. We would like to recommend take bottle water. It happens sometimes not all the time. So once again we would like to suggest you guys that take a bottle of water with you always.

Tips about water

  • Hotels and resorts in Belize will almost always provide guests with safe drinking water, either in the lobby or in water coolers. Take advantage of this and keep your water bottle filled! Its totally free of cost. When ever you plan to go outside the hotel so keep in mind to always fill the bottle before you leave the hotel.
  • If you decide to stick with bottled water, this is easily bought in convenience stores and is a cheap staple item. you can find it easily in the local shops and stores.
  • Make sure you stay hydrated at all times. It’s easy not to drink enough water, especially if you’re worried about whether it’s safe. So make sure you have a shop-bought bottle or your own filled bottle, and keep it with you when you’re out exploring. keep in mind all the above suggestions in mind to stay safe. When you go out side always remember to fill your bottle or to buy it from local stores.

Is the ocean in Hopkins safe?

Enjoying the water is one of the many reasons people visit Belize. There’s little that can beat the experience of cool, salty water on sun-heated skin. Most of the people visit Belize just to have fun in the water. But always remember that the water here is salty and sun heated skin. you have to be careful while swimming or just chilling in the water. We try to cover all the possible points here on our website. Always make sure before you visit Belize try to check our website for helpful content regarding Belize.

Currents and waves

The good thing to know about the water off Hopkins’s 5-mile stretch of beach is that the currents and undertows are generally weak. You won’t often see big waves and won’t need to worry about being carried out to sea without realizing. Great news for those of us who love to float on our backs gazing up at the bright blue sky! you would love the water of Belize and the waves are amazing here. This is the main attraction of visitors here in Belize to visit. You will not believe in your eyes when you see such a beautiful sea waves.

So make the most of the lovely conditions and enjoy swimming, kayak tours, and – of course – snorkeling – to your heart’s desire.

Ocean creatures

What you may need to watch out for are the underwater creatures who are enjoying the ocean at the same time as you, there are some points to be noted before you go out side and try to swim without any guidance, because Belize does have some fish you’ll want to stay away from:

  • Stonefish – these are the most poisonous fish in the world and stepping on their fins can cause a painful wound. Resembling a rock or stone – hence the name – these aren’t always easy to spot, given their excellent camouflage. when you plan to swim then be careful with these creatures. It will hurt and more than a jelly fish. We locals have a great experience  with such creatures. So always stay smart and healthy.
  • Jellyfish – a jellyfish sting won’t kill, but it will hurt. These creatures are often found close to shore, where the water is warmer. They try to push themselves to shore areas. So when ever you swim try to stay away from jellyfish and other creatures. As we told that it will not kill but it will hurt you.
  • Portuguese Man-of-War – frequently mistaken for jellyfish, these pink or purple-hued marine animals can have tentacles up to 165 feet in length that will cause a nasty sting if touched.
  • Stingrays – these graceful fish won’t sting unless they feel under attack, so most encounters with them will be fine. However, if you are unlucky, note that the stinger is barbed, so should be removed by a medical professional, if possible. Keep in mind all these suggestions and the above mentioned quality points before visiting Belize and going out side in Belize.